Massage Services

Traditional massage treatment for all muscle groups using special techniques to balance the body, energy, and good health. Massage therapy relieves muscular aches and pains, reduces tensions, improves circulations, and aids in the prevention of stress related illness

Swedish Relaxation

60 Min. $65
Using a combination of various movements including friction, effleurage and kneading, this traditional method of massage loosens tight muscles, soothes sore muscles, increases circulation and improves overall skin and muscle tone. Pressure can range from very light to very firm.

Deep Tissue

60 Min. $70
This special deep tissue massage is designed to relieve and prevent muscle soreness and ease tired joints. It integrates deep compression and strokes with traditional massage.

Hot Stone Therapy

60 Min. $80 / 90 Min. $125
Designed to relax tense muscles through the application of warm, specially selected Basalt river rock stones. Heated stones and long soothing strokes relax muscles and bring the nervous system into balance.

Hand & Foot Massage

30 Min. $40 / 60 Min. $65 / 90 Min. $95
Points on the hands and feet correspond to the body. Creates harmony and homeostasis.